Friday, June 26, 2009

Miss GWU: Engagement Fever!

This photo is property of Ben Chrisman Source: Ben Chrisman Blog

Stuck at my work desk all day and then in classrooms at night as I finish up my M.A., I have really REALLY enjoyed reading all of the new DC NearlyWeds' posts. I think that's one of the many things I love about wedding stories. There's so much history and rich life-shaping moments that go into building a relationship, taking that leap together, and realizing your dream day as the doors open and the blushing bride walks down that aisle. Almost like our own chance to realize that fairy-tale moment. Anyway, I digress.

So 2 weeks after my engagement, my best friends (and maids of honor) and I were going to meet up in St. Louis for our yearly girly weekend. While waiting for our flight at DCA, Cari, breaks the news that she is engaged. It happened in a nontraditional way. Almost similar to Miss 16th St's story, there was cuddling, there was a look, and then there was something along the lines of "Would you like to get married?" Pretty much a shotgun engagement, Cari and her man are looking to get married in a tres petitie ceremony here in DC. Engagement - June. Wedding - September. Yes, fast turnaround but I have no doubt it will be special and speak to their personalities. No frills but romantical. Think of Pride and Prejudice and you get the idea.

Add another one to the mix, 2 days into our St. Louis trip, our good friend, Brookey, called to inform us that after a good lunch at Spike's burger joint, Good Stuff Eatery, her man got down on one knee and popped the question. They celebrated their engagement at jazz night on the Smithsonian.

I'm telling you ladies, its in the air!!!


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