Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello from Miss NationalHarbor !

Wow! I am so late to the introduction party! I have been absolutely swamped at work and kept putting off writing my introduction until I could really put some time into it - but I see now that that is not going to happen---as the hits at work just keep on coming. So I will just get to it...

My name is Jennifer. I am 34 and work as a technical writer in Ballston. Mr. NationalHarbor is 32 and works for an architectural company in DC. We just moved to a condo in NE last month and we are also feverishly saving for our wedding which is taking place on Halloween night. No- it is not going to be a masked reception filled with werewolves and witches. I have just loved Halloween ever since I was a child and when I sensed Mr. NationalHarbor was close to popping the question I merely hinted that it sure would be awesome if I could meld my favorite holiday with a marriage to my favorite guy. And so he got the picture and here we are!

I will tell a little about the engagement since I find the story vastly amusing. Mr. NationalHarbor had been planning to present me with a ring on a weekend getaway at a hotel in DC which shall remain nameless. He had enlisted the help of my friend, Claire and had the whole thing planned when I threw a wrench in the works because frankly- I could not stand the hotel he had picked and since I had no idea he was planning to ask me to marry him that particular weekend I promptly suggested that we stay somewhere else. Which of course ruined everything since he had already spoken to the staff and had a whole evening of loveliness planned. Long story short- he did switch the hotel for me. After I had put the kibosh on his plans he had called my friend on her cell, begged her to take a long lunch with him and had dragged her to 3 or 4 new possible hotel choices in the city asking her to help him choose one I would love. Later that day he picked me up from work and took me to a fabulous suite filled with roses and champagne at the "engagement hotel" they had worked so hard to find that very afternoon. He was so nervous that we had no sooner entered the room before he sat me on the couch immediately and started talking. Sadly- I cannot really recall much of his proposal because he had gone deathly pale and was actually swaying on his feet as he talked. I was so intent on making sure he did not fall over that I was not really listening to what he was saying. It was only when he fell to his knees in front of me that I got the picture. That and the little black velvet box he was opening drove the point home. I have to admit I love telling that story and get a good laugh whenever i think of it. He was just so cute and endearing- but that is why I am marrying Mr. NationalHarbor.

Now I will give the lowdown on the ceremony so in the next posts I add here I can just get down to the nitty gritty and not have to give background details. Mr. NationalHarbor and I are getting married at Oxon Hill Manor in Oxon Hill, MD. Hence, my blogger name. We are having about 110 guests and have opted for an evening ceremony. We already have contracted the venue, the wedding planner, the photographer, a lighting guy, the DJ, a string quartet, the cake, the officiant, the caterer, and as of last week- a company to supply the alcohol. We are currently tackling the whole room blocks issue- which I will defintiely have to cover in greater detail and we are trying to lock down plans for the rehearsal dinner. And yet- I still feel like I have lots to do. I cannot seem to corral my bridesmaids into one place to pick dresses for them. We are making our own menu cards and invitations and escort cards so I will definitely have to convey my trials and tribulations with that. We have not gotten settled on tuxes for the groomsmen yet. We have not met with the florist yet and after 2 failed attempts at trying to find a make-up artist I have no idea what I am doing on that front. We still need to have the engagement shoot and since we are getting married in the evening- how does one take outside pictures at 10pm? There will be no natural light and the grounds will be covered in darkness. I have to find a way to get pictures on the grounds of the venue with my wedding party during the day. The only problem is that someone has contracted the venue in the afternoon before me and I can't very well push myself onto her day and ask " can i just interrupt your special day take a few pictures with my people near the fountain while your folks are eating? thanks so much." No. I simply have to come up with a better plan.

Ok. Well I think I have rambled enough for now. If anyone has any ideas about how to get around the picture issue please let me know! Next post I will tackle my room block drama. Who knew blocking rooms could lead to such difficulty! Oh, and if my posts tend to sound a little too much like a novel I apologize in advance. My friends are always making comments about that in every email I send to them. But since I write for a living how can I not be overly verbose? That's what they pay me for!

More wedding details coming soon!



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