Saturday, June 06, 2009

I Never Was a Jimmy Girl . . .

Easter weekend long, long ago my mother came in to town to visit and drop off my younger sister as she returned to London we did what we normally do when we're all together. We shopped. I had already been working weekends long before, but family were in and we had some catching up to do. I needed to buy shoes so that I could try them on for my dress fitting that is in just two weeks. I still won't reveal my dress until after the wedding, but I can definitely reveal my shoes.



Aren't they adorable? Meet Juliet by Jimmy Choo. She comes in soft suppler leather in gold or silver. My mother actually bought the same exact pair, but unfortnuately they are turning out to be a size too small. Size 6 anyone? The best part of all was that we got them on sale! You NEVER see Jimmy Choo's on sale. I have never been a Jimmy Choo girl (I kinda think his style is a little audacious for me), but these have made me a believer. The (second) best part of all is that they are super comfortable. But I should def start breaking them in. I just don't want to soil them. Oh what a sad day that will be.


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