Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reasonable Letterpress? No. Way!

Yes way!

I was despairing for a while because I rilly rilly wanted letterpressed invites and the fiance rilly rilly didn't like the hit they took on the budget.  It was tense, I was sulky, he was stubborn, it was a mess.

We wanted to design our own invites because we're both typography geeks and we'd seen the movie Helvetica, which yes, is about the Helvetica font.  Helvetica is one of the most common fonts you'll see--it's the font in which the American Airlines logo is written as well as the New York subway signs.

(photo credit: andy in nyc)

We both thought that if designed correctly, and without a lot of frills and furbelows, a Helvetica invitation would look beautiful and unique.

When the design was finished, I knew that if the invites were letterpressed, it would elevate them to another level.  So, using the twin powers of Google and Etsy, I found a letterpress printer who would print a custom design at a very reasonable price. Enter Lucky Duck Letterpress.

(photo credit Lucky Duck Letterpress)

Because he keeps his jobs small and his designs very simple, he can do a letterpress job quickly and reasonably.  If you want a lot of flowers and swirlies or whatever, it probably won't work for you.  But for simple, text-based designs, he's definitely worth checking out.  And of course, I'll show you my invitations when they're finished!


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