Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Special Treat For All Our DC NearlyWeds

We hope you enjoy!

Semi-Annual Bridesmaids Jewelry Sale

Erin Gallagher is having their Semi-Annual Bridesmaids Jewelry Sale.

Save 25% on the entire order between June 11 - June 22
DC NearlyWeds can design jewelry to match the dress, personality, or style of each bridesmaid.
Design custom bridesmaid jewelry in our studio or online.
Discount Code: bridalbling

There are prices for brides on different budgets.
From earrings starting at $15 to necklaces at $275.
We're all looking to save money during this recession.

DC NearlyWeds enter the online discount code, bridalbling, to receive 25% off your entire purchase.
Erin Gallagher
erin gallagher inc. owner/designer


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