Monday, July 13, 2009

A Day at holy matrimony

Greetings All!

I just thought about it, I have never properly introduced myself to DC NearlyWeds. I recently started working at holy matrimony as a way to learn more about the wedding planning industry. And what better way to learn the Ins and Outs of the industry than along side Mrs. NearlyWed!

Today we had the most traffic in the office that I had ever seen. The day started off a little slow with Mrs. NearlyWed and I in the office working busily on our laptops.

Up until two o’clock the only person to walk through the doors of the office was the pizza guy. Once the clock hit 2:15 the office turned into a traffic jam. One couple came in for a planning session, and advice on working with the more than 1,000 people they expect to attend their wedding ceremony. By 2:45 another couple came darting in the office with clothes, a make-up artist and ALL her gear, with a pair of photographers (great ones I might add from Borrowed Blue) hot on her heels.

We had a complete transformation: make up, hair and outfits right before our eyes. I neglected to add that Mrs. Nearlywed had saved the day by salvaging this photoshoot which had been set up months before for that morning and the original photographer didn't show up!!! Leave it to Mrs. Nearlywed to whip out her handy dandy little blue book and reschedule the shoot with a terrific team of shooters all in under three hours. How exciting.

So for your viewing pleasure I have included some photos of the events of my day.



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Here are a few of the resulting images from the shoot! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 3:03:00 PM  

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