Monday, July 20, 2009

in search of a DJ

Well Mr. Fairfax and I didn't quite get to the narrowing down the DJ conversation.. Anyone have any recommendations for an affordable DJ? We are hoping to find someone who will provide the option to include a little karaoke at some point during the evening. eee! I love karaoke so hard. I'm already trying to think of the best song for me to sing haha.

So far I'm liking the sound of Big T's Entertainment. They quoted me 4 hours for $650, and then $50 extra if we wanted karaoke. Sounds reasonable to me, especially considering MyDeeJay.com would be minimum $900, no karaoke. I also liked DJ Max Powers, his website is pretty lo-tech but I liked his answers on his FAQ page, and he quoted me $500 for the reception, or $575 if I wanted him to do the ceremony too. That sounds promising (but sigh, no karaoke).

Are you all doing a DJ, or a live band? Anyone skipping the dancing thing altogether?

We have started the ball rolling on the hotel room blocks - we're going with the Hampton Inn, on route 50 in Fairfax. Only a mile from our venue and we really liked the look of it when we visited. It's totally non-smoking, free wifi, and we should be able to get a $79/night rate for the Thurs - Sun time frame. I will keep you posted on that!

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