Monday, July 06, 2009

the one year mark

we made it!

we just hit the "one year to the wedding date" mark. for some reason, july 3rd this year made the wedding seem a little more daunting/real. not that it wasn't real before - but now i feel like we really have to get a move on and start booking things.

so far we have the venue, caterer, cake, and photographers.

mr. uva is in charge of the hotel room blocks, the music (anyone know of a good dj or strings around charlottesville?), and the honeymoon - hint, hint - get a move on mr. uva!

and i have to get a move on the officiant, florist, invitations, and the non-stop battle that is the search for bridesmaid's dresses.

i have a meeting with the florist tomorrow - so i'll keep you posted!

<3 miss uva

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