Monday, July 06, 2009

With this ring...

This weekend marks the 2 months to go date. It's also my first bridal shower - expect pictures - which has caused me to...vehemently stalk my registries. You can scold me now.

This week, we HAVE to get our last vendors. I'm getting my hair highlighted one last time, and then it's on a mad dash to find a stylist for the wedding day (any suggestions??). I have a DJ I need to call back, and we need to find a limo/bus.

Did I mention invitations are being sent out? We're printing out RSVP cards as we speak. They look fab.

But what I really wanted to blog about was showing off pictures of my lovely wedding band that we paid off this weekend.

My wedding band is a platinum band with about 1/4 carat channel set diamonds. I absolutely adore my band, it fits perfectly with my e-ring and was incredibly reasonably priced.

Mr. GP's band is white gold - we're finalizing it this weekend but all in all, we stayed pretty close to our budget. My band was an estate band and fiance's is a new band though. Apparently white gold is incredibly similar to platinum which is what we were originally considering.

What did you end up picking out for your wedding band? Are you happy with it??

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