Monday, August 24, 2009

DIY Madness

I have been trying to get a lot of things done now while I have the time. We are reaching the 6 month mark (OMG!!!) and I do not want to be stressed with tackling projects towards the end. Come February, I want to concentrate on making sure everyone gets paid, not on assembling the programs.

I initially started working on this memorial candle project some time ago, but stopped when I did not like them. I finally went back and finished them a few days ago. We nixed the unity candle ceremony for our wedding and decided to switch it up a bit by doing a memory candle lighting. Basically, my cousin and his cousin will walk down the aisle and light the candles at the beginning of the ceremony. The candles will stay lit throughout the ceremony to represent our loved ones' spirit being with us as we join hands in wedding matrimony.

This was my inspiration for my candles.

(Sorry, I saved this image some time ago. Please comment if this is your image and I will credit you appropriately.)

I decided to use clear labels for the pictures in the hopes that they will be illuminated from the inside and appear a bit more "glowy." I am not sure now how that is going to work and I refuse to buy a candle just to check it out...so this will be a game day experiment. On the grand scheme of things, this is not a huge priority of mine considering that many folks won't even see the candles from where they are going to be sitting...I just wanted the candles made and marked off my list.

This is how they turned out.

I also did our table numbers. Technically I don't know how many tables I will have just yet, but I figured I will need at the very least 20. I got some picture frames from Wal-Mart, (against my normal political and personal objections with the store...this wedding has caused me to do many things I would not normally do for the sake of saving a dollar) added the table numbers and titles via Photoshop and then printed out the images on my home printer.

We originally wanted to use old Blue Note jazz covers as our table numbers, but they did not really go with our new vision for the wedding. I am a bit sad, however, that I cannot place people at the "Billy Holiday" table.

A recent visit to the National American History Museum gave me another idea that was just as awesome. The Scurlock Studio has an exhibit there based on the photography of the Scurlock family of affluent blacks from the early 1900s through the 60s-70s. I loved the idea of having really gorgeous, happy, vintage images as our table numbers, plus, it was totally an easy project. Mr. Glen Echo, however, is nervous about our potential unauthorized usage...but I cannot image anyone would mind.

This is how they turned out.

Have you guys been working on any projects lately?

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Blogger Caroline said...

Oh, wow, Miss Glen Echo, i ADORE those table numbers! So vintage and classy -- just gorgeous!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 10:10:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...


Tuesday, August 25, 2009 1:44:00 PM  
Blogger Miss Fairfax said...

yeah both those projects turned out great! nice job :) very neat idea with the candles honoring those who've passed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 5:44:00 PM  

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