Friday, October 02, 2009

Here Comes The...Bride...Maids!

Or rather, bride's attendants...not really feeling the word "maid." (source)

Just like Miss Charlottesville, I am also allowing my attendants to wear a gown of their own choosing (hmm...actually not liking that word either...anyone have any suggestions..."bridesgirls," "bridescrew,"...help me out here, people). Having been in weddings before and not having anything to do with the dress that I was required to wear, I felt an animosity towards the bride that was, sort of, irrational. I do have to say though, the animosity was more so related to the fact that, in most cases, the dress was too big or small, the fabric was very unflattering and I was wearing 3 pairs of panty girdles in order to not look like a rolled sausage...although I totally felt like one...

Now that all of the dresses (technically) have been ordered, I can share with you guys my "vision" (ugh...enough with words I hate in this post) of what my brides...uh...peeps will be wearing. I gave them a few guidelines because, well, I still wanted the look be cohesive, but I was also concerned with their comfort. The rules were 1. Bari-Jay (just to make sure the color would match), 2. floor length, 3. sage in color, 4. chiffon. These are the choices they made...good job ladies!

First up, single friend of honor, Kiki (left) and married friend of honor, Polley (right)

Next, single cousin of honor, Melissa (top) and my girl B (bottom)

Next, my cousins and some of my oldest and dearest friends, Nana (top) and Fee Bee (bottom)

And last, but certainly, never least, lil' sis, Tia (with the cutest broom carrier ever, my nephew Julian)

How are you Ladies picking the brides...persons...dresses? Are they all wearing the same thing or are you allowing them to switch it up a bit?

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