Thursday, January 07, 2010

10 weeks out??

WHAT. I was just emailing someone to set up a wedding-related appointment and mentioned my wedding date - and they replied saying something about how our wedding is a mere 10 weeks away. How did we get to the "10 weeks" mark without my knowing?? Somehow I was still in the "oh it's a few months out" mode and all of a sudden it feels like it's coming up very very soon (I know, just yesterday I was posting about how close we're getting - well now it feels even closer haha).

Incidentally the people I was emailing were the folks at Carafe Wine Makers in Old Town Alexandria, because Mr. Fairfax and I want to go in and make a wine for our wedding - I got a LivingSocial deal a while back for make-your-own 30 bottles with custom labels for like $175 or something crazy cheap like that. The price per bottle combined with the romantic idea of crafting our very own wine for our guests?? I feel a little guilty that I didn't post this idea on the blog back when they were offering that deal! Even so it's worth looking into, there are several different packages you can get, I think it starts at $99. I think if you're really a wine person, it could be a spectacular idea for a bachelorette party, to gather the girls for wine tasting and grape crushing and wine making! eh?

**Just fyi, the process takes 4 - 6 weeks at minimum after you go in for the wine making before you get to go back in for labeling. We actually waited a bit too long, there's not really enough time to make a red and let it mature enough to serve at the wedding, so we'll do some kind of white. But if you're interested, even if your wedding is a ways off, definitely contact them asap to find out the best time to come in!

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