Monday, February 22, 2010

hair: follow up

ok ladies, a bit delayed but I'm finally following up on my post about my hair trial.

The woman's name is Diane, she has her own shop called Hair by Diane, right in Old Town Alexandria. She is really sweet and great to work with.

My appointment was at 11am on the day of my bridal shower, I had forgotten to print out any of my inspiration ideas, or a photo of my dress, or anything! I also was in need of a haircut, told her I'd get one before the next trial, and she offered to cut it for me right then! She also let me use her computer to look up my dress online, so she could see what kind of style I was going for. So she's really flexible and helpful and awesome - and speedy! She had me shampooed and cut, put me in rollers, and then did Three (3!) hairstyles for me, in 2 hours. Actually just under 2 hours. So here are some of my pics:

#1 - way too big in the back for my big head! but it had nice volume in front
#2 - you can't see the back but it's a nice bunch of curls, smaller than the photo above, and positioned lower on my head. I like the front on this one ok but I will ask her to play around with more styles next time (like the Natalie Portman look from my last hair post.
And, #3 - you can't really tell in this photo but the bun or whatever is off-center so it's closer to my right ear than my left - I really liked that. I think I would just want more going on in front, and this could be a great style for me. I ended up wearing this hairdo to my bridal shower that day, and my bachelorette party that night, and the 'do held up great!
This trial was mostly for her to get a feel for my hair and style. We learned a bit from each hairstyle and next appointment, I'll take my veil and combs and whatnot, and we'll work out the final hairstyle.

Did I mention Diane is coming to my hotel room the day of the wedding to do my hair, and my bridesmaids, and my mom? It's $190 for me, $65 for each of my bridesmaids and $50 for my mom. I definitely have not found a more reasonably priced stylist!

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Blogger Miss Fairfax said...

also I forgot to mention, that $190 includes 2 hair trials. bam!

Monday, February 22, 2010 4:35:00 PM  

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