Thursday, April 13, 2006


The day after I became engaged, I started looking at dresses. The one I've fallen in love with is a tea-length, ivory dress with an empire waist and a gorgeous embroidered overlay. It seems ideal for my purposes, I think. It is delicate, detailed and yet simple enough to keep pressure off me to plan a huge wedding that befits this dress.

Sometimes I worry that I might be limiting myself too early on. I don't know. I showed the dress to my best friend last night and she loved it. When looking for her wedding dress, she was going to buy the first dress she tried on, only it turned out that they stopped making it and she had to opt for a similar one. She looked perfect. It was empire-waisted with elbow-length sleeves and flowing cuffs. She had a classical guitar ensemble play for the ceremony (at The Cloister's Castle in Baltimore) and a jazz ensemble for the reception. It really captured her aesthetic well.

I don't imagine I will find anything better than this dress but I will keep my options open for a little while. Right now I am toying with the idea of a tea-party themed reception. When I turned 15 my grandmother took me to high tea at the Hay-Adams restaurant in DC. We had an assortment of fine teas with cucumber, smoked salmon and watercress sandwiches. For dessert there were tarts, cookies and little cakes. While it doesn't sound filling it really was. I think it's a good option right now, and I think that is really stays true to my aestheic.


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