Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why Quality Costs

This morning I accompanied a bride to fitting with gown designer Daniel Thompson. Now for those of you unfamiliar with this designer, Mr. Thompson is a veteran couture bridal gown designer with 30 years in the industry. He has designed for Priscilla of Boston under Jim Hjelm and has been an exclusive designer for Kleinfeld's New York. His gowns span the spectrum of classic and understatement to More Drama for Your Mama!

Though I can't show a picture of her dress for it is not yet in production, let me talk to you about why quality costs.

Daniel Thompson himself measured the bride for the gown, noting areas of concern for the bride and making adjustments such as dropping her waistline an inch and a half to properly accommodate her torso. He also designed her veil and blusher to be the correct length for the cathedral train and her height as a bonus and if that wasn't already enough he is creating a muslin mock up of the gown for the bride to try on before the gown is made to ensure it will be perfect. Once the gown arrives, barring any extreme fluctuation in weight the gown should not require alterations. So we have already saved on the alterations, the veil, the blusher, and she received a discount for purchasing at a trunk show. Those are huge savings before you even consider that he didn't charge for the creation of the muslin mock up either.

This is a couture experience. Many many brides will find fabulous gowns off the rack, don't get me wrong, but if you have body challenges, nothing beats having a gown made for you.
Is it more expensive? Often yes, but each time I have met with a designer to go through this process with a bride, the results are always stellar and every bride is immeasurably grateful for me taking her on this route, rather than going to every bridal salon in the tri state area trying on more of the same gowns in different patterns.


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