Saturday, April 15, 2006

Podcasting Anyone?

I have been remiss is posting this great site to all of you. Now that I read glimpses of it on a couple of other blogs, I wanted to be sure to give my own shout out to the Wedding Podcast Network.
If you are not familiar yet with podcasting, in a nutshell, you can download and listen to interviews and commentary on your computer or your iPod.
Wedding Podcast Network however, has podcasts devoted to WEDDINGS, you can listen to Newlyweds or get advice directly from wedding industry gurus like Sylvia Weinstock and Preston Bailey how cool is that?
There's a spot for Groom's and coming soon an area for the Wedding Workout, getting Bride's in shape for the big day.
I will be interviewing Rob Allen, the owner of the company next week at the Wedding Salon show in New York, so be sure to look for that in an upcoming post.


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