Saturday, July 01, 2006

Finally...A Wedding Job For Mr. FortBragg

The Fabulous Forever*Hubby in SoldierBoy personaUp until now, Forever*Hubby, while giving his never-ending support for my wedding obsession in the form of nods, affirmative grunts, and the occasional "Oh, that's nice, sweetie....," has basically stayed out of the way of my planning (pretty much from fear of being plowed down in my path or burned up in the aftermath).

But thanks to some great buzz from the wonderful WeddingBee, wedding website extraordinaire, we now have have a great idea for unique, fabulous and totally US wedding favors AND a way to get Forever*Hubby involved in the wedding in an area he is amazing talented and uniquely qualified for.

As well as excelling at his currents jobs of World's Most Awesome Husband, oustanding U.S. Army soldier and Apache helicopter mechanic, my husband has also been for the last ten years or so an amazingly talented audio and video editor, producer and director, and kick-ass web developer (you can see some of his work here and here). Let's just say the man is Geekiness Personified.

We are chucking the heart-shaped candle favors idea (so not us), and creating not only the usual CD but also a DVD of us for our wedding favors! We will include footage on the DVD that includes our first meeting and engagement, and even our viva Las wedding!! This is the ONLY wedding planning aspect Forever*Hubby has shown real interest in, and I KNOW he is gonna turn out some hellafied CDs and DVDs for us.

ClearTray LogoWe will be going with Cleartray, a company that provides full color custom CD/DVD packaging integrated with a full color photo-realistic printed discs. What F*H loves about them as they let you be as DIY as you want or need to be with your CD or DVD project. For those who need full service, too busy to handle a project of this magnitude, or really aren't technically-savvy, ClearTray will do it all for you. But for those who have a handle on the whole creating-a-CD-or-a-DVD situation, they will provide you with the blank CDs and/or DVDs and let you have it. They will even create gorgeous covers for your CDs/DVDs and the cases. Again, for the hardcore DIYers, they provide templates for you to follow, allowing you to design your own and do you own thing.


I will be designing the graphics for the CDs, DVDs and cases in line with the theme I have already designed, and F*H will produce, edit and compress the audio and video. Then we will even burn them all ourselves here at home -- both CDs and DVDs. I will send the design for the cases to them and sent back, but for the discs themselves, we will just DIY it.

It's the perfect favor -- the event itself will show people where we are now, but the DVD will share with everyone how we got here.

I just love the idea of the hubster and I collaborating on something for this event; it's something he can be happy about, one less thing I have to worry about and way we can BOTH make this beautiful celebration the way we have done everything these past five years.


Examples of some ClearTray CD/DVD favor options:


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