Monday, June 26, 2006

So Postponement isn't so different- Still in Full Planning Mode!

I've just notified all my contracted vendors about my postponement. Luckily since we've already decided on a date, I was able to recontact them immediately for my new event date (July 7, 2007) - yes 7/7/2007) - Perhaps better known as the rumored Harry Potter Book 7 Release date (I'll be overshadowed in silence by a nerdy spectacled wizard and his infamous Quidditch team)

*No, I'm not bitter, I love little Harry and His mischevious little buddies, but uhhh, I'm just not insanely obsessive like some folks: (see proof)

Okay, wait, this isn't about H.Potter, this is about my darn wedding!

I'm hoping that that lovely group of sevens will bring me some much needed luck!

I'll certainly need it - having the wedding of one's dreams is quite the job...I began this journey wanting the full hoopla of dramatic decor and an overabundance of flowers and candles and a cake that would bleed buttercream when I cut into it...I learned along the way, that a wedding is about sacrifice and creative maneuvering...its the ultimate MAGIC TRICK

Yes, I said it!

Conjuring up the greatest mental illusion of all, the truth is you're trying to pull off an unprecedented grace and poise all the while, chewing your nails to the core debating about shades of pink and secretly choking (only in your head) your maid of honor for being hapless and quoting Clueless for no odd reason at all, other than she has no better dialog...

Okay now that I've vented and gotten that off my chest, again I say...these days I feel like Houdini, just waiting to pull a 15 pound rabbit out of my baseball cap...

Although, I must say!

I'm up to the challenge !!!


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