Thursday, July 06, 2006

Some Decor Ideas

I'm going to use centerpieces that resemble these:
I love the idea of lemons, but because I'm using fuchsia and silver, inside will be silver balls (sorta like the enamel/acrylic christmas ornaments)

I would love to have a floral chuppah of sorts, under which my cake table would be displayed, in addition to the place card table...at some point this will open up and be a photo booth space.

I love this floral centerpiece (I want to alternate these taller centerpieces with the ones posted above)

Here's a widespan view of the centerpieces above:

I really want to keep things such as the chair/table linens stark white, I want the floral design, lighting, candles and decor to pop out amidst the backdrop:
Check this out, this is a mostly white decor with a splash of color with chair sashes and of course those hanging lanterns are a must:

Here's just a bit of fuchsia used in the table linens (its a little much for me, but I find this beautiful)

Lantern Crazy Photo (I adore this, but I think we'll need to take it down a notch)


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