Friday, December 15, 2006

2 Anything Bride

I admit that I am the consummate bride, with a voracious bridal research appetite. I subscribe to four bridal magazines, am a user of the TheKnot.com, Weddingchannel.com, and participate on their various chat boards. And I never thought I would become a "two dress bride," or more accurately a two anything bride.

A two dress bride is, as the name implies, a bride who acquires one dress and for whatever reason the love affair with the first dress ends, and a second dress is acquired. I came across the concept of a "two dress bride," early in my edification, feeling quite sorry for the afflicted brides, and slightly worried for myself, knowing my own tendencies towards indecision.

While, I'm not a two dress bride, I'm on the precipice of becoming a two site bride. I'm ashamed to admit that another site has caught my eye, and with the appropriate wiggle room in my first vendor contract, I am tempted to switch.

Mind you, this is not simple indecision; there are actual benefits to the new site. Space being a primary consideration for us as we are having a very large wedding, the new venue has significantly greater capacity than the first, not to mention that it is less expensive!

So what is the hesitation? I have reservations about backing out of the first site. But, at the end of the day, the rational part of me understands that the new site may really be a better deal, and therefore the one I should pursue.

Hmmm, I guess I'll be visiting the boards to see if anybody needs a venue for my date....


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