Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pregnant Bridesmaid

So, it is official! One of my bridesmaids is pregnant!

The conversation went something like, talking about random stuff, talking about wedding, talking about more random stuff, and then "OMIGOSH!!! - out of nowhere." "What," I said, "What's wrong?" "AM, I think I'm pregnant...." "Really??!!!," I shouted as I barely contained my enthusiasm. "Yea," she said softly, with slightly less enthusiasm. (This was not planned, they have just bought a house and were planning to get pregnant next year. So it took a little adjustment period for her).

This was us three weeks ago on the phone. She literally took the test while she was on the phone with me. Which, in hindsight, explains her absences during the call. LOL.

Well, she just had her first doctor's appointment, and it's official.

I was torn with being excited for her on a girlfriend level, but also knowing how taxing a wedding can be, not to mention all the spotlight, and wondering if she would still be able to participate as a bridesmaid. So, I left the decision completely up to her as to whether she still wanted to go through with it. And, it's funny, but she never even considered backing out.

We'll obviously have to make some special accomodations for her along the way, but I'm just so glad that she can still be a part of the day.

And every cloud has its silver lining: my bridesmaids measurement and dress payment procrastinations actually serve us well now, as we could still make adjustments to the maternity bridesmaid dress, I affectionately like to call it. The dressmaker suggests that we make my friend's dress an empire waist instead of the dropped waists on the bridesmaids dresses. Hey, whatever works - I'm all for it.


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