Friday, June 22, 2007

Far far away

I've been receiving a lot of sweet, thoughtful, repeated requests from family members and friends who want to help out with the wedding. I try to rack my brain, but there really isn't anything for them to do.

I'm an orphan in this town all my family and friends live in another country.... It makes it hard to dole out the tasks long distance. And the stuff I really need help with - the crafty kinda stuff, people can't really help with from so far away (read away from my watchful eye). But seriously, shipping materials, or purchasing them elsewhere just becomes a nightmare of organization.

What's a bride to do? I'm especially bummed about not being creative enough to think of a task to give my mom - but nothing really comes to me.

Is it wrong to feel badly because I'm not burdening my guests with requests for help? Cause I do. Anyone have any ideas?


Blogger Bento said...

I'm recently engaged and have come across the same problem. I'm having one family member be in charge of getting the whole family's addresses and information. I have a really big family so this task may take awhile.

And for my cousins who are bridesmaids in my wedding but live in other states. I've been taking pictures of everything I've been doing or need help on, then emailing them the photos to get their input.

Hope this helps...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 2:39:00 PM  

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