Saturday, May 26, 2007

249 and Staple Gun Hand

I am phenomenal! If I do humbly say so myself!

I just spent the last 2 days diligently staplegunning my way to wedding invitation nirvana. I had this idea (many called it crazy, some more polite, called it 'ambitious') to create satin pillow invitations.

Well, lots of pillow material - and even more staplegunning later (I've got the sore staple gun hands to prove it), I have produced 249 invitation bases (yea, it's a big wedding). Why 249? Well, that's when the pillow portion ran out - and if you had spent as much time as I did staple gunning, you wouldn't be cutting out any more pillow material either.... I really wanted 250. But, hey, even the ever ambitious know when to fold em - I'm well content to settle, 249 has a nice ring to it.

Next step: once the thermographied paper returns from the printer, I will apply them to the pillows. Everything will be right with the world.....

P.S. I'll post pictures and directions once the invitations are complete.


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