Friday, August 24, 2007


I have a dirty little secret...I don't like the JCREW bridesmaid collection. I know, I know, everyone thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread but in general I think their bridesmaid dresses are overpriced....sometimes in the $300-400 range. Honestly, if I'm going to pay that for a dress I'd rather spend it on a Nanette Lepore, Betsey Johnson, or Nicole Miller. I mean really, it's just JCREW.

BUT I do think their wedding dresses can be a great deal. Some are as low as $300. Their most recent addition is this gorgeous gown below. I love how feminine yet modern it looks. The price is reasonable - $895, which is cheaper then many lower end dresses. The bonus is that it's made out of silk which is not something you find in the lower end dresses. Those usually use man-made fabrics. The best part...try it out and return it if it doesn't work! What do you have to lose? Sign up for their emails and the next time they send out a 20% coupon you could take another $180 off the price.

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