Friday, August 24, 2007

Designer vs. Planner

Ok. I literally JUST, I repeat JUST finished an article for BridesNoir magazine that speaks about the differences between an event designer and an event planner. My muse for the piece was the UBER event designer and DC local Andre Wells. So what do I come across over at Social Design but a piece on the same topic. (Did I not just write a post on how I LOVE to be In Fashion:)

All I can say is AMEN. Brides all over want to recreate the weddings that they see in a magazine and can not understand why their florist or caterer or sometimes even their planner isn't making it happen.

Many designers are planners - They have a creative genesis and because they are capable of bringing their ideas to life they can successfully plan an event, because they truly understand what it takes to make it happen. (C'est moi.)

Many planners are NOT designers. - Their strength is logistics. They can make things works together and flow but do not necessarily have the innate creativity to develop a concept.

Your florist and caterer fit into one of the two boxes above but neither should be looked to to plan your entire event unless they, themselves express that capability and have the events under their belt to prove it.
Here are two of the most poignant thoughts from the piece take a ride here for the full article.

What do I need an Event Designer for? Isn't that why I have a florist?

By SocialDesign

We feel it's important that we take the time to educate and inform on event design. The more we work with clients and meet the wonderful couples we are lucky to know, the more we realize that people just don't understand what Event Designers really do and why it's a value.

Open up a Martha Stewart, You may see pictures like this:

  1. This is the work of Rebecca Thus, a well respected Event Designer. Note the details and how everything seems to tie together. That is event design. An ED will create an overall concept for your event at the start of planning and should ensure that every visual detail works as a cohesive whole. This may include partnering with your florist and lighting specialist, or using one in house. Florists do flowers and can do some structural work depending on the florist. Event Designers, design events from top to bottom. So now you're may thinking, but I can do that myself. And you're right, you probably could. But the couples who hire ED's are very interested in creating a stunning and unique event. You're not hiring someone to go buy vases and tie bows. You're hiring a creative team for their brains. The same reason why artists can sell a painting for thousands of dollars. You aren't paying for the oil paint and canvas (bows and boxes), you're paying for the creativity that maybe you didn't have.
  2. Clients who end up working well with event designers are those who value something different. A good event designer won't simply recreate what you saw in a magazine. They will instead take your ideas and create something that has never been done before (Or they should!)



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