Sunday, August 19, 2007

Photo Guest Book For Dummies

Being a planner and always coming up with fantastic "new" ideas for our clients. i myself often having to develop an SOP (standard operating procedure) for lots of things. Such was the case of the photo guest book when i started doing them 2 years ago. Well it involved tables and a team and cameras and scrap booking supplies etc. etc. etc.
Thank goodness for progress. You can now have a terrific photo guest book with none of the former hassle of The Photo Guest Book. These books like at Adesso Albums are personalized with your names and wedding date. The beautifully bound books have slots on each page for the Polaroid photo to slide right into. guests just then sign their little hearts away all while waiting for their picture to develop. Before the night is over, your book is done and you can read the wonderful sentiments of your family and friends.
Also available at the site is a kit replete with cameras and film to boot. What a no brainer!!
Note: Keep an eye out Wedding Channel has been known to put these on sale!!


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