Friday, July 27, 2007

Interesting prospects at Macys Jewelry

Yesterday while shopping at Macys for under garments for my bridal gown, I happened across the jewelry department. I always enjoy looking at the sparkly things.

They had the ring I wanted. I decided to try it on for fun (I've never been a big fan of buying jewelry at department stores and the like because I'm always just a little suspicious about the 50% off sales. Just how BIG a mark-up is there????) But, I digress..... So, I tried it on, and it felt like the ring had found a home on my finger.

Then the salesperson casually mentioned they were having *surprise* a 50% off sale starting August 5, but he also gave me a coupon for an extra 10%, and then if I open a Macys account I can obtain an additional 15% (which I was really loathe to do, but might succumb to for the additional discount). So after everything is said and done the ring would be 75% off. At this point I figure this may be something to consider. I've got another week or so of looking and then I'll HAVE to make a decision.


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