Monday, September 10, 2007

Very Neat Groom's Gift

I will admit that it is pretty tough to find a truly original groom's gift. A lot of that probably comes from the lack of information on gift suggestions FROM the groom. Now granted giving a watch is not new, but it's a great gift and one that your groom will actually make use of. Take a look at these watches by HourPower. (www.hourpowerwatches.com/collections/grooms-watches.html). Given to the groom on the couple's wedding day, HourPower Watches offers the wedding couple the perfect gift to preserve their commitment and commemorate their love to each other.

The "Grooms Watch" is a handsome timepiece to be worn each day. It carries a special secret inside its hidden chamber--a wedding picture and a meaningful engraved message capturing the essence of the couple's love.

The HourPower Groom's Watch Collection features high quality, solid stainless steel wristwatches that are the modern version of the locket or pocket watch. They especially appeal to men because of their unique construction and have been selected for their handsome technical exterior that displays the time in a Quartz Movement, a Chronograph, or an automatic mechanism. The collection has more than 25 styles to choose from ranging in price from $100 up.

Neat huh?


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