Monday, October 01, 2007

Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 1st is the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness month. In honor and remembrance of this month a number of blogs are blogging pink today. So remember to continue to do your self breast exams this month or to schedule that mammogram you've been avoiding and to remind all the women you know to do the same.

I'm not a huge fan of the color pink at weddings because sometimes it can be too...well...pink. But I love pink in small doses and I know that pink is arguably the most popular color for weddings. If pink is your color consider adding some fun to your wardrobe with a cute pink shoe. It adds just the right touch without being overwhelming. If pink isn't one of your colors but your mother or some other loved one has struggled with or passed away from breast cancer consider wearing a pink shoe in remembrance.

^Jessica Bennett Fergie

^Guess Cypriena

^BC Footwear Babycakes

^Miss Sixty Christanne
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