Saturday, October 06, 2007

Let Them Eat Something Other Than Cake

It seems to be inevitable that, in wedding planning, not everything is going to work out the way you want it to. The woman that I thought might make my wedding cake, is not; and now I'm left to consider other options. I can either pay someone else more than I would like to spend and can realistically afford to make a cake, or I can explore other alternatives. As of right now, I'm heading down the other alternatives path. In the interest of being an informed planner and consumer, I have begun to research the many alternatives to serving a traditional wedding cake, and must say that I am finding them to be quite pleasing.

There is a quiz you can take on Brides.com that tells you what "style" of bride you are. It is not particularly imaginative, but certainly fun. Once it determines your wedding style, it provides a variety of suggestions for exploring this style in your wedding, from decorations to invitations...to cakes. And, luckily for me, they even give a list of cake alternatives.

For a glamorous affair, consider single serving creme brulee.

For the romantic bride, they suggest chocolate covered strawberries
Classic weddings should feature croquembouche (French pastries).

For a more modern affair, try light and refreshing sorbets.
A bohemian-inspired fĂȘte could opt for a wide array of colorful cupcakes.
While the most casual of brides may offer guests mini fruit tarts.

In addition to any of these delicious alternatives (cupcakes being my front runner at the moment) I am definitely planning to serve a plentiful selection of fruit. Given that fruit is mostly just fluid, it is such a light and refreshing way for overstuffed guests to clear their palettes and get a little taste of something sweet after their meal, without feeling as though they might pop! In my opinion, fruit provides a necessary antithesis to thicker and heavier wedding cake options. So, even if you decide to stay traditional and let your guests eat cake, be sure to let them eat fruit too. I guarantee they'll thank you for it!


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