Thursday, October 04, 2007


I'm kinda at a stall in wedding planning right now, I do have over 11 months (352 days to be exact:) ). We already have a lot of the "big thing" covered. We have the location of the wedding, the reception, we have our DJ and Photographers and are currently in the process of caterers and florists ( I will share all that information with you later :) ). We are also currently addressing our Save the Dates and figuring out our guest list, so we aren't feeling any urgency.

With that in mind this is just more a post of an interesting article I read about 08/08/08. There were thousands of weddings that took place on 07/07/07 due to the"lucky" day, and experts are saying the same is going to happen with 08/08/08, it falls on Friday! So if that is something that interests you book ahead of time!

It is a Friday so maybe you can get a deal with a Friday date :)


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