Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Want to be a Planner?

Let's face it once you get engaged and see all the possibilities that are available for your wedding and you can really get into creating an "experience' for your guests you kinda start digging the whole art of planning parties. (Yes, that can all change the minute your mom gets involved or you get to the seating chart whichever comes first...) There is a cool new site up called Best Party Ever.com and you can plan your own parties (start small and work your way up.) Any type of party Graduation, Engagement, Shower, Dinner Party, Birthday Barbeque you name it.

But wait, it's more than just a list of vendors it's an idea bank as well. Yup, browse through some of the party ideas that other crafty, thrifty, creative folks have come up with and use them as inspiration for your own extravaganza.

Search around the site, you could start at Ideas and move on to Vendors then onto some neat resource tools for keeping track of everything. You just drop everything into your basket and it's saved for future reference. Neat huh?

Well that's not all, never party in isolation! The site allows you to blog about your events and share with other member on your ups (and downs...) and even share some of your own coveted ideas and suggestions that will end up in someone else's basket and be the genesis for their next fab soiree. Just create a profile and you are up and running.

Party Planning has never been so organized. The site is still in its ALPHA stage and I am excited about it. There is a proposed list of additions that are in the works which excites me even more. Bookmark it and come back as the modifications are added or do as I did and set up an account and start playing around with it. Reading some of the ideas that others had really did spark ideas in my head for my own events. I would like to see some additional navigation tools to get you right to the resource tools, but I still think this is a fabulous idea and a really useful avenue for all the folks who are quietly relishing their time in the event planning field, even if it is only for their wedding. I say make the most of it and use this little tool to plan 7 or 8 more events leading up to your wedding!! Check it out!


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