Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Becoming Hairless Part II

Next on my list was getting rid of unwanted eyebrow and facial hair. The place I go for this is called Threads (no website) . I've been getting my eyebrows threaded for almost a decade thanks to some of my South Asian friends from college. If you don't know what threading is you can read up on it here.

People debate whether or not threading is less painful then waxing (for me it is) but who cares? It's a LOT more accurate and precise then waxing and unlike waxing it doesn't rip off the top layer of skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and having red wax burns from facial waxing is not my idea of fun. Since threading doesn't rip off the top layer of skin like waxing it is safe even if you are using anti-acne medicines like Retin-A.

This "new" trend is becoming very popular in the U.S. even though people in South Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe have been doing it thousands of years. You can go to a fancy salon to get it done but I prefer Threads. It's just two South Asian women in a little room and the only thing they do there is threading. Don't go expecting to get pampered...just walk in, take a seat if there is a line or go to the first open woman if there isn't. Tell em what hair on your face you want removed and they'll do it quickly. If it's your first time let them know and they will walk you through it. It's a pretty popular place but you don't need an appointment. Every time I go it's like a mini-U.N. of people....African American, East Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern, and white girls all lined up.

Threads is located at 1424 L St NW (between N 15th St & N Vermont Ave)Washington, DC 20005, (202) 737-7710. It's near the McPherson Sq. metro stop. It's between a Booeymonger and a pub. Look for the door with the Fortune Teller and push number 4 on the buzzer to be buzzed up to Threads. It's on the second floor. They have a location near U St. as well but I haven't been there.

The only down side...if you live some place like Chicago, NY, or Atlanta you can get your eyebrows threaded for about $5 because there is so much competition. There isn't a lot of competition in D.C. so the cost is $15. If you are looking for a more pampering experience I also recommend Nusta Spa...but eyebrow threading will set you back $25.

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Blogger Liene Stevens said...

wow that sounds painful! the things we do for beauty. :)

thanks too for the Chicago recs - I really appreciate it!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007 11:46:00 AM  

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