Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New TV Show Anyone Interested?

Came across this, thought someone might be interested. I don't have any further details, unfortunately. If someone applies and gets a response, perhaps they can share.

Are you a fabulous bride-to-be planning an extravagant wedding for 2008? Is your wedding going to be the social event of the year? Are you and your bridesmaids completely wrapped up in the excitement of planning your big day? Do you want the world to see you get sent off in style?

If so, a major cable network is looking for the country’s most fabulous brides-to-be and their bridal parties to be the subject of a new reality show. BRIDAL PARTY documents the excitement of planning the most luxurious, glamorous, stylish and exclusive weddings in 2008.

Following every major event in the months leading up to the big day, BRIDAL PARTY is a show about friendship, rites of passage, love, family, shopping and one long, lavish farewell party as a group of girlfriends do everything they can to send their bride off in high-style.

To be considered, tell us a little about yourself. Please include:
Your name
Contact info
Wedding date and location
Personal background information about the bride and the bridal party
Tell us why you and your bridesmaids should be the subject of this reality show

If you are cast you in the show, we’ll provide:
A stipend during the time of production
Access to trade out opportunities for wedding related products
A wedding tape to end all wedding tapes

Send information to: weddingtvshow@gmail.com


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