Monday, November 05, 2007


While reading New York Daily News this morning, I came across this article called "Lose 2 inches in 2 hours," so of course, like any woman with the thought of her wedding day on the horizon, I read as fast as I could.

The answer? Dr. Rey, the slightly odd ninja/plastic surgeon on Dr. 90210 has done us ladies who are less than excited about lipo a big favor. It's called Shapewear, a line he developed to help women keep the illusion of a fabulous bod, using a sexy, economical undergarment. At first I didn't think anything could trump Spanx, but this dress is SOLD OUT on Home Shopping Network's website, which means there are lots of ladies after this little miracle. Here's what he has to say about it:

"The support panels are sewn exactly as I would do in the operating room, so there's a similar result as to what we achieve in surgery. It's like having a tummy tuck, a butt lift, a breast lift and lipo, all without the surgery."

I reveal to you...the Shapewear XTreme Plunge Dress!

It's even sexy enough that if I was to wear it under my wedding gown and Mr. Shirlington happened to see me in transition between this and my wedding night lingerie, he would definitely NOT be disappointed.

Here's an excerpt from the always entertaining NYDN on how it works.

"The plunge dress itself looks like a sexy little black minidress, except for being extra mini! It could be meant for a toddler. The neckline plunges right below the bra line, allowing for an ample amount of cleavage to poke through, and the bottom has a silicone hem to keep it in place on your upper thighs.

Did we mention it is really mini? To squeeze into this sausage casing, it's best to sit down and plunge both legs through the opening in one swift motion, then hop up and pull the top up with great force as the spandex grabs, hugs and then immediately sucks your lumpy bits (already bloated from a breakfast of sausage, egg and cheese) right into place.

For all the work it takes to get it on, once on your body the plunge dress (left) doesn't feel aggressively constricting. Its tug and pull is about as offensive as a pair of control top pantyhose, but it certainly does flatten the stomach and lift the boobs into place."


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