Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Becoming Hairless - Part I

Before I went to Atlanta this last weekend for my friend's wedding I had a lot of grooming to take care of. First on the list was getting rid of my winter coat on my legs and bikini area. I've been getting leg waxes and Brazilian bikini waxes for years now and I've done it everywhere from the Four Seasons to the backroom of a South American hair salon. I've also had waxing so well done I hardly felt a thing to waxing so poorly done that I've bled, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the area.

I had heard good things about Ibiza Day Spa near the Foggy Bottom metro stop so I decided to check it out. The reason I had heard good things was because of the great prices. Brazilian Bikini waxes are only $45...this is at least $20 less then you will find any place else in the area. Full leg is only $60. Plus first time customers get 10% off with this print-0ut.

Overall I give the experience a thumbs up. I was in and out in about 30 mins which was excellent and could be done during your lunch hour. The pain factor was about average...I've had better and I've had much much worse. If you are looking for a relaxing/soothing spa experience with nature music and dim lighting you should probably pay more to go to a fancier spa but if you're looking to just get down to business and be on your way then this is an excellent choice.

Anita is their hair removal expert...she's very nice and easy to talk to and has led a very interesting life. At these prices I'll definitely be returning...now I'm just worried that so many people catch on to this great place that they will raise their prices! Also don't forget to check out their packages - a half hour facial, half hour massage, manicure and pedicure for $135?? Yes Please!

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