Monday, November 19, 2007

The spread of my wedding addiction

The following is a conversation between me and Mr. Shirlington that just made me smile so much I had to share. He was in the kitchen and I was on the couch in the living room searching the internet for table linens, since we've decided the ones we've seen so far are too burgundy.

me: Baby, what are we going to do about the linens? It's really starting to stress me out and I just can't find anything like what I'm looking for. What should we do?

him: We should not worry about wedding stuff until after Thanksgiving. We still have 11 months to worry about these things.

-long pause- and other random conversation about our days.

him: You know what I could NOT stop thinking about today?

me: What?

him: How much I love your wedding shoes. They just look so comfortable, but sexy!

It made me so happy that while I'm working so hard to bring together all these little details, he really appreciates the time and effort I put into picking just the right thing. And even though he tries to act like it's not consuming his thoughts (probably so I'll stay sane), he really does think about our wedding throughout the day. :)


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