Sunday, November 18, 2007

On second thought

In this whole wedding planning process, I've had my fair share of ideas that have and have not come to fruition for a number of reasons. First and foremost reason for their undoing has been that whole thing that goes a little like this, "Well, it seemed like a good idea..." We all have moments like this and definitely when it comes to wedding planning, it becomes easier and easier to take things to levels that we never would have considered in "real life" - that being any time outside of a wedding.

Though none of these are my own failed ideas, I present to you the top three items that (after discussion with one of my own wedding vendors) have been tried but bombed miserably at other people's weddings. Let's all learn from the mistakes they made on the "happiest day of their lives":

  1. DIY Ice Cream Sundae bar: You know the drill - big cartons of ice cream are set out alongside a buffet of toppings for people to go buckwild on to indulge their inner children/sugar freakishness. It's definitely a novel idea. I mean who doesn't love a good Ice Cream Sundae? What person can resist creating their own perfectly shaped mound of whipped cream that is just right for a beautiful bright red maraschino cherry??? It's irresistible. It is. But it's also MESSY. And I don't mean just a little bit messy but the kind of messy that leaves everything sticky and smelling like sweetened sour cream. Good idea but not for a wedding. If you want to indulge your guests with confections, stick to the newest fad of a "candy bar" that is much more like visiting a good old fashioned "penny candy" store.
  2. Singing a solo to your new spouse: *sigh* Love is a many splendid things but even if it is your wedding day, there's no reason to become Celine Dion all of a sudden. How often is something like this done? Never. And there's a reason for that! Perhaps it's because that one time when it happened (you should have been there because it was TERRIBLE), it was so uncomfortable and awkward that people (guests) didn't know what to do with themselves during the singing and afterwards. Even if the person is good, there's still something odd about having it happen. Save the praises for your spouse for your honeymoon and during your newlywedded bliss. Seriously.
  3. Having an Interactive DJ: Ok, having a bad DJ can make or break a party. This goes for any event and is certainly not limited to a wedding. But as it goes with anything, you don't want one extreme or the other. And there is too much of a good thing. You don't want a DJ trying to start the Macarena or doing Y-M-C-A (I'm talking out on the floor BY HIMSELF, centerstage!) when all of the guests are clearly not into dancing in any capacity. You also don't want a DJ that will do crazy things like take his shirt off AND NOT PUT IT BACK ON in the middle of your reception! This sounds completely crazy but it's not an exaggeration of a DJ who is way too interactive. Get recommendations from people. Look at sample videos of your DJ in action. Don't let your DJ be the reason why people don't enjoy your reception!
So there it is. Some wedding planning wisdom. I guess if this were Cosmo magazine or something this would be the Wedding do's and don'ts. Whatever the case, when it comes to wedding ideas, think long and hard about some things because it will make a difference in the long run!


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