Thursday, November 01, 2007

When You're the Guest - Part II

This weekend I'm headed to Atlanta for my old college roommate's wedding. I think I'm more excited about this wedding then I am about any that I'm going to this year (cept mine of course). She is one of my most unique and creative friends, is always ahead of clothing trends, and wherever she lives it's always decorated well. She's also a vegetarian and does what she can to save the world from itself so I expect the wedding to be a visual feast and eco-conscious.

Unlike the outfit I wore to the last wedding I went to, I felt the outfit for this wedding needed to be more on the modern side of things. The ceremony and reception are going to take place in the evening in a very modern venue...a gallery that is mainly brick, concrete and steel. I chose the below Banana Republic dress (sold out now) except I'll be wearing a sheer black tank beneath it because it goes down too low on me for me to be comfortable. I chose the below grey shoes from Seychelles to go with it. Normally, I don't really like chunky heels at all but I thought this shoe was a good "winter" dress shoe and it actually looks much more dainty on my foot then I thought it would.

The only problem I have now is I'm not sure what jewelry would look best with this. I don't like what the model below is wearing and none of my stuff really looks right. I'm going to spend Saturday morning in Atlanta looking around for something that works. I'm open to suggestions!

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