Friday, December 14, 2007

How to speaking wedding invitations

I was supposed to order wedding invitations a week ago. A number of reasonable and unreasonable things have kept me from doing so though. But it's getting down to the line and I can't allow any form of procrastination from allowing me to do anything but take care of this.

We are really only ordering 20 wedding invitations. With the downsizing of the wedding we just can't do the original 100 invitation list for the 150-something people. For as much as it was exciting to do the "big wedding"-thing. I am relishin in the "small and sweet"-wedding thing! It's certainly relieved a lot of the stress of doing a lot of stuff but some other things are still left for me to get all in a fuss over - one being wedding invitation wording. One would think that this would be a no-brainer kind of thing but one would be wrong.

For whatever reason I'm kind of stressed about this. Do I just indicate the my mother and father request the honor? Do I include husband2be's parents too? Do I go with something much more informal all together? Do I include a reply card since everyone who is invited has already confirmed their attendance and probably doesn't even really need a formal invitation anyway? My mother is insisting that we still do the invitations. *shrug*

What are you doing about your invitations?


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