Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Trying it again for the first time

Yay! My first morning of not feeling nauseous!!! You have no idea how big of a deal this is. I've not thrown up at all but I've had terrible bouts of morning/noon/evening nauseous up until today. Perhaps I'm finally hitting the golden second trimester for real? This will make wedding planning SO Much better!

This Saturday I'm back to David's Bridal to try and exchange my lovely "princess" ball gown for something Empire waisted. I really love the ball gown but it's just not going to be possible for me to wear it. As it's working out with being pregnant, I'm becoming kind of out of proportion in that I'm gaining weight but it's all in my belly. I'm kind of becoming a walking belly of baby phatness.

I talked to a sales consultant over the phone the other night and right off she said I could exchange my dress no problem as long as I have the paper work. Then the tune of the conversation changed as she rattled off all kinds of stupid corporate stipulations:
  • I have to consider a bigger size in my dress before the manager can overrule it and I can pick something different (Are they crazy??? I'm PREGNANT. This jelly ain't fittin' into ANY kind of princess dress!)
  • If I can't make a bigger size work, I have to pick a dress that is equal or GREATER in value. And the manager has to approve of this also. (It just so happened that mine was on the higher end of prices so I don't know how we will work this out!)
  • My dress was discontinued some time ago so *maybe* we might not even be able to exchange it afterall. It's really at the manager's discretion.
The key word here seems to be MANAGER. *shrug* I have no idea how this will go down. But honestly I probably won't even have to cry my way out of it (liken to crying out of traffic tickets that of which has NEVER worked for me) as 1) the pregnancy hormones will take care of that and 2) there's no way they can dispute that I need an entirely new style with an Empire waist.

The two picks that I've made so far are the following (both pictures courtesy of DavidsBridal.com):

The top one is an exclusive online style and the bottom one is by Galina and I know a person who wore it at her wedding and she was STUNNING. The Galina one is by far and away my favorite and I know it's better suited for a beach wedding but if the fabric is forgiving enough I feel like I could pull it off (I will be five months pregant and now at a little over three months, I already have a bit of a babyBump). I also love how I could probably get it altered after the fact and turn it into a beautiful warm weather formal dress. Look at the back of it!

I will likely go with a much less dramatic veil but add a jeweled comb for my hair that will definitely be up.

The top style? I like it. It IS pretty. But to me there's nothing to exciting about it. It's like the safety school you pick when you are applying to colleges as it's pretty good and will due if need be.

I've scoured the 'net and these are my only favorite picks. Maternity clothes have come along way and definitely they're better than what they used to be (Liz Lange at Target is AWESOME when you have a need to buy!) but in the way of wedding gowns? I'm putting my money on non-Maternity that *hopefully* I can still squeeze into.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love empire waists...they are so clasically elegant. I love the first dress but the back of the second dress is awesome. Either would look great.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 7:21:00 PM  

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