Sunday, December 23, 2007

Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

Hello. I'm back in action! My doctors put me in the hospital on Thursday and I got out yesterday. For the next week, I'm on bedrest (doctor's orders) but at least my blood pressure is acting as it should. *sigh* This is just craziness.

Anyway, I'm going to try and get as much wedding planning stuff done as I possibly can. There are invitations that need to be ordered and SHOULD HAVE BEEN ordered at least two weeks ago - but, of course, it's hard to make this kind of stuff happen with everything else going on. But now that I'm bed bound and being waited on just about hand and foot by husband2be, the only options that I have to maintain my sanity and make me feel like I'm semi-normal are reading "trashCelebGossip" magazines (US Weekly and the like) and a little bit of wedding planning!!! I'm still working out the details of the wording for the invitations but that's because I have yet to really sit down and take care of it. And since I'll be spending so much time sitting down (well, laying down), things should definitely get taken care of.

On a more productive note, yesterday I think we booked a new reception site! My parents were up through our way to either 1) visit me in the hospital or 2) meet us for lunch and to give us our Christmas presents because we won't be trekking it up to PA for the holidays afterall with everything going on. Rather than meeting us at home, we decided to meet at the new little restaurant that we found to have the reception the other week!

It turned out to be a great meeting. We sampled some more food, put together our prospective menu, hashed out the details with the owner/manager, and got some great answers of how we will be going about this. Here's what we have so far:
  • Guests from 50-60 people and restaurant will be entirely closed down for us!
  • Decorations and whatnot however we like as long as we put everything back where we found it
  • DJ and karaoke setup not a problem!
  • 3-5 entrees buffet style and Pho service
  • Appetizers passed about
  • Serving staff
  • Some food items that aren't even on the menu!
  • Cake cutting and service
  • $20-$35/person

The owner was really nice and I think my dad actually "bonded" with him a little because they found that they are actually from the same part of Vietnam. Kind of cool! The only has been here in the states for only two years though and his English is good enough but he spoke predominantly in Vietnamese. He also noted to my dad that as long as we bring him the business/money he would normally make on a Saturday, he has not qualms about accomodating us in every way he can. :)

Contracts have not been signed and deposits have not been paid yet but this is pretty much a done deal from the looks of it. Things couldn't have been better had we not planned for them! But wait - we didn't!!! :-p


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