Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Travel..

Im sure all you brides out there can relate to me, there are check lists upon check lists...so many to do lists that I'm not quite sure what to do with all of them. I obviously have my weddign notebook/binder/file (yes all three) To organize my wedding plans...but around this time of year it gets even more hectic. As Miss.Bethesda said in an earlier post it can get pretty crazy. With FI family and Mine living 9/7 hours away from DC respectivly and living 7 hours away from each other we knew the idea of sharing holidays would not happen. However, this year we found ourself facing a more difficult problem. We are leaving DC on Dec 21st in the evening traveling with each other and our dog to BWI (using Super Shuttle) to go home to Rochester NY (where my family is from). We are attending our Engagment party together, then FI is leaving on the 24th ( he stayed a little extra since it is my birthday :) ) He is going home to Cincinnatti for Christmas, and then we are both traveling to Florida from December 27-January 3rd to spend New Years with my parents at there condo on the beach!

Now the reason I am giving all this background information is because as you can see we are traveling between all sorts of different weather ( there is currently 10 inches of snow at my parents house in rochester compared to the 70 degree weather in florida), we also will be traveling with our dog, and we dont want to have too much luggage, so we came across a big issue of traveling with christmas gifts. Because of that we did most of our christmas shopping online, having the items shipped to there respective locations. By using the websites retailmenot and ecoupons we managed to get free shipping from most places, and we found this to be the easiest way to go. (Big shout out to Miss Capitol Hill! I had always been an ecoupons girl, but I like retailmenot a LOT more, that was a great find and thanks for sharing)

Personally, all I am asking for for christmas and my birthday are gift certificates to Riziks -- As I said in my previous post, the cost of the dress has been weighing on me, and I found a way to help offset the cost was to ask for gift certificates. I really don't need anything for christmas/ My birthday so this is what I'm asking for. By doing this It will help to make the cost of the dress more reasonable. I find that my brothers and sister-in-laws combine christmas gift..ex they ask for a gift certificate to home depot so they can do home repairs, do your FI and you combine christmas gifts? are you asking for anything special for the holidays or doing something similar to me and asking for wedding related gifts?


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