Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eloping would be nice!

Isn't there just always drama?

We picked up our wedding invitations from the post office yesterday. They are beautiful and the invitation designer did a really amazing job on them. This is despite the back and forths that happened in the midst of having them printed and assembled like having our reception venue and caterer cancel on us. *sigh*

I'm a pretty undramatic person without hardly trying. But this wedding is really getting the better of me and I'm just about turning into one of "those girls" who says things like, "I CAN'T. WAIT. for this wedding to be OVER!!!"

Last night husband2be and I didn't get in until 2AM. No, not because we were "partying," rather because I was working/shooting a bat mitzvah and he was assisting me since a pregnant lady trying to do event photography can look kind of pathetic and I was trying to look as unpathetic as possible.

This morning has been okay enough but then I get a call from my mother about what I most affectionately have started calling, "that wedding." Yes - I mean MY wedding but, like I said before, it's starting to leave a seriously bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway, today's drama is about the guest list. We have the invitations now but even having a 50-person cap on the list, there's still plenty to be said about who else can be slid onto the bottom of the list. Husband2be's side of the family is kind of bigger than my side. This is kind of a relative way to describe it (pun not intended but completely applicable). My immediate family is sort-of big and twice the size of his. But his extended family is huge compared to mine (that would have been invited) and they are so close to each other that any time there is an event, ALL of them have to come - that's at least 50 people!!! But when you've got only 25 invites/50 people of which can be invited, that doesn't work out so well.

So... my point... because I do have one... is that my side of the family is now pushing for two more people to come. The solution that was presented to me was that the 50 people should be divided evenly and each person should get 25 people to invite. In theory this would work if both of our families were the same in number with immediate and extended families. Also, it would work if there were only guests at our wedding but there's not. There's also best friends who were originally supposed to be in the wedding party and vendors who some people might not consider to be important but I consider to be VERY IMPORTANT because 1) they are helping to make the wedding happen and 2) I have experience being a vendor and therefore have great respect for vendors across the board.

*OW!!!!* I just tried to put my feet up on the coffee table and I stubbed my toe!!!!!


Pardon me while I ignore the drama, take a break from "life" and watch "Ghostbusters" on TV. Also, the rest of this Godiva White Chocolate bar will make me feel better. *wink*


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