Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm two for two!!!

I finished the favors that I posted on about two hours ago. In the midst of doing them - because the novelty did indeed wear off - I took care of the two little items that our flower girls will carry! The older one (almost 3 years old) will carry the basket and the littler one (1.5 years old) will carry the kitty.

For both, I used our colors of Dark Pink and Light Pink in materials that I got from AC Moore. Butterflies (for memoriam purposes) and the grosgrain ribbon were used for the basket and just the grosgrain ribbon was used for the kitty.

I wrapped the handle of the basket (only 25 cents - my mom found it! Go Mom!!!) with the ribbon and then took the butterflies and wrapped the wires that they came on around the handle at the base on one side - since I assume she will hold the basket close to her and don't want to risk messing up the butterflies (two were seriously injured beyond repair *boohoo*). The ivory ribbon was added to break up the "pinkness" and was leftover from the guest favors.

It came out looking a little more DIY than I was going for but it sure beats the heck out of paying over $20 for a flower girl basket - mostly the price that I saw for them. This one came out to probably a little under $5. The petals that it will be filled with will be light pink.

Then there's the kitty. She, of course, had to look "fancy" as well for the occasion. I considered doing the bow in the front but then shifted it to the back and off to the side because I think it looks better that way.

And because I did such a good job, I treated myself to a nice triple scoop of Black Cherry ice cream...

since I AM eating for two and all...
Pardon the mess in the background in my "office." Thanks! -Mgmt

Do I look like I'm carrying a boy or a girl?

I actually know already - we found out about a week ago *heehee* but I can't tell you until we tell all of our people at the wedding reception!!! I know - how much of a tease am I??? I promise - I'll tell you as soon as I can!!!


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