Thursday, May 08, 2008

Handmade by Allison

If any of you frequent the Maryland knot.com board then you are probably already familiar with the work of Handmade by Allison. During her own wedding Allison handmade practically every part of her wedding and now she does the same for other brides. Save-the-dates, invitations, aisle runners, calligraphy....you name it, Allison does it. All I ever see are raves about how much brides love her work and how reasonably priced she is.

Allison has also started a blog and she's featuring some of the items she's created for brides. If your sick of DIY, don't have the budget for a high end designer, and really just want someone else to do it for you then check her out.

All work below credited to Handmade by Allison



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