Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I <3 Paper-Source....

FI and I have decided on our invitations! As you know from an earlier post, I loved the lady that made our Save the Dates and Engagement Party Invitations--but it was just too expensive, so FI and I decided to take over some of our paper products--okay make that ALL of our paper products. Right now the first thing we need to get done is our invitations. Our goal is to have the invitations put together the last weekend in June/first weekend in July. Since we are currently in MAY ( where has the time gone?!) that does not leave much time!

A couple of weekends ago, FI and I went to Paper-Source in Georgetown on a lazy Sunday. Originally we were just going to check out paper/supplies that we might need and to see if anything gave us any ideas. That was when we found our design. It was one of those moments when you KNOW that is what you are looking for.

^ This picture doesn't even do it justice, but we loved the look of the design, exactly what we were going for and the crimson letterpress was amazing! We are still going to print the inserts and menus/programs on our own, but we will incorporate this design ( they sell the design in stamps so you can use it as you wish!). What do you think? It turns out pricing is only about $100 over what we would have spent for the invitation part and it includes the paper we want and the envelopes we want! We are going with the Stardream Quartz paper and Stardream Mars Red envelopes . We are also going with a Silver pocket fold's that I will show you at a later time. I am now looking for envelope liner paper ( I haven't found anything I LOVE yet)--I must admit though it is very exciting to see the color scheme and all of these pieces fall together!


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