Friday, October 10, 2008

Boogie Shoes

Well, Mr. JeffMemorial and I are officially and exactly one year away from our wedding date.  In one year and one hour we'll be on the West Lawn of the Jefferson Memorial tying the knot.

I've decided something else important for the wedding: Reception Shoes.

What's interesting is that before I actually started planning myself, it seems like a lot of times your shoes are a good way to express yourself even if you're being traditional in other ways.

I found this shot through OffBeatBride.com. (A great resource for the unique, and even though a lot of it isn't my style, I've gotten so many great ideas from there!)  You can also look through more of the photos from Jose and Danielle's creative and one of a kind wedding HERE!

The above shot really inspired me.  Do I really need to go with the norm?  White shoes?  My colors are red, black, and white, and I would love to kick it reception style and some snazzy shoes.

One of the shoes I even have under consideration are:

I think they're great, and might be a fun contrast to the formality of my dress... but only for the reception, though. I'm also pretty smitten with these beautiful angels.

It's times like these I wish I could walk in heels. And that I wasn't almost the same height as my fiance. (The drama of being almost six feet tall.)

So are you getting crazy with your shoes? Are you going traditional? Are you somewhere in between?  

What are some other fun ways to introduce color?

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