Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Engagement Story

Our story began 8 years ago on the campus of Morgan State University. FI was a sophomore, and I was a brand-new freshman from New Jersey. I was so focused when I got to school. I was on a full academic scholarship and had no intentions of dating anyone during my 4 years of college. Then, I met FI . . . . Fast forward 6 years . . . . .

Part 1: The Fake-Me-Out

I'm smiling just typing this. . . . As you're reading, please note that this is not the abbreviated version.

In 2006, I was living in Richmond. I was recruited for a job out there after grad school. FI/Then-BF was living and working in MD. One weekend, I was planning on going to Maryland to visit my BF, but I was having a especially hectic week at work. On Thursday, I called him, and we ended up deciding that he would come to Virginia instead. That Friday, I was so excited for the week to be over. BF was getting on the road right after work, and of course I was happy to see him. I went home after work, and when BF was less than an hour away, he called me and said that his roommate needed some last-minute help his movie project for a film event on campus the next day. BF asked me to pack a bag and come with him. We were going to have to drive right back to Maryland. Now, let's keep in mind, BF drove 2 hours to VA, and was going to turn right around and drive 2 hours right back to Maryland, and then bring me back home Sunday, since I wouldn't have my car. I thought, 'Wow, BF is a really, really, good friend to do all this', but if you know him, he really is a great guy like that. So BF arrived at my house. Of course, I was still packing. I went back to the bedroom to finish packing, and BF was in the kitchen. While I was packing, we were talking, and I had questions about this project. I had seen the finished film, but I just had some regular questions, like:
What time is the film event tomorrow?
When did Roommate find out that he needed these last shots?
Who will be attending the event, just faculty, or students, also?

BF would answer, but first he kept saying, very matter-of-factly "I told you that earlier . . ." Then, he would answer the question, but I could not remember him telling me this in our earlier conversations that day. I thought I was losing my mind or something. I seriously had no memory of him telling me that. I thought, Maybe this hectic work week has me a little off.

Part 2: Our Stars

I finished packing, and we got on the road back to Baltimore. On the drive up, we were just chatting about our weeks, and about my birthday coming up. Then, I noticed that our stars were out. (This is where I have to backtrack and explain. When BF and I started taking our long walks across campus, it was in the fall, and the most prominent constellation in the sky at that time is the constellation Orion, which we have adopted as our stars. Throughout undergrad, I was really into watching the History and Discovery Channels. The ancient Egyptians erected the Pyramids of Giza in direct alignment with Orion's belt. That civilization, so focused on the afterlife, sought to recreate heaven on earth. That's a little bit of Kemetic science for you. So for us, our stars, the constellation Orion, represent our relationship as a little piece of heaven on earth.) The constellation is visible to us only in the fall and winter, and the evening of November 3, 2006 was the first time we had seen our stars that season. On our drive to Maryland, our stars were low in the sky right in front of us and it was like we were driving right to them.On seeing our stars, our conversation turned to reminiscing about all the great times we've shared. (Keep in mind that this whole time, I'm still thinking we're on our way to help Roommate.) We got back to Maryland, and while BF and Roommate were calling each other back and forth to meet up with "everyone" to shoot the last scenes, we ended up driving past our old apartment, which is not far from Morgan's campus. We talked about how it was great living there, and how we wonder who lives there now. Then, we went to Morgan's campus, where we were supposed to meet Roommate and everyone else by the telecommunications building to shoot these scenes. As we approach Morgan, I ask BF, "Can we visit our benches?" (Still having no idea.) We get to campus and start walking towards the building and our benches, and I see that someone has stuff on our bench.

Part 3: The Question

As we got closer, I started to recognize the stuff. I asked BF, "Is that your jacket?" Something was up. Was this really happening?! BF looked at me, smiling, and said "I have a confession to make. We are not here for a project, but I do have a question to ask you." By then, I was crying, and I do not cry! BF pulled a pink box out of his pocket and got on one knee. He opened it, and inside was the most gorgeous ring. He then said the most beautiful words I have ever heard and asked me, "Will you marry me?" Of course I said, "Yes!" through all my happy tears. We hugged, kissed, and I cried some more, and then Roommate and Roomate's GF hopped out from behind some bushes or something and started taking pictures and congratulating. I have never been so amazed, happy, and surprised. I was still asking about this fake-me-out project. I cannot believe I fell for a bogus project! LOL! Meanwhile, BF/now-FI and I are so happy, just laughing (Well, I was laughing in between bouts of happy-crying. lol!). I will always remember than night. I have never seen FI smile so wide, and I was overjoyed. FI is the greatest gift imaginable, he had just offered me forever. I truly felt like he hung our stars in the sky that night. I am the luckiest lady in the world, and I am so happy and excited to spend forever with him.

So, that is how our engagement adventures began.

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