Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Numbers Game

For our wedding, the outdoor ceremony space has a maximum capacity of 150, which is great for us, because it helps us limit our guest count. So far we have 164 guests on our list, including children. In an effort to involve our parents, and to delegate a time-consuming task, FI and I decided to have our mothers gather the contact information for family guests. I created handy little spreadsheets for each of our moms to collect the contact information and legal names of our family members. That may sound weird, but after 25+ years of calling a cousin Junior, and his father Jesse, we learned that they're both actually named Dillard! (Names have been slightly modified.) Our moms were definitely the right people to help us gather accurate information. So, I emailed and snail-mailed the spreadsheets of about 50 family members to each mom, and a few weeks later, we receive the completed spreadsheets back. However, one list that had 50 guests when it was sent had now mysteriously grown to almost 70! We had to fix that pretty quickly, and our guest list remains at 164.

If there are any other brides delegating the task of gathering guest information, please review the incoming information carefully, to be sure your guest count remains the same.



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